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OSHA 10 is a 10 hour training course that provides basic safety education for entry level employees in construction. Topics include:.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content OSHA 10 is a 10 hour training course that provides basic safety education for entry level employees in construction. Therefore, I often advertise their products and collect a token if my site visitors buy from them. Please Share With Others! Like this: Like Loading Published by Jack Benton. Comments Welcomed!

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Post to Cancel.Read Our Latest Monthly Newsletter. Safety presentations can either bore an audience to sleep or provide the tools and knowledge to improve the overall safety program.

There is rarely an in between. Whether you are a full-time safety professional or a supervisor who has safety responsibilities, you may find yourself tasked with having to put together a safety presentation with no clue of what to present on. Like many of you reading this, the hardest part for me is coming up with a topic I want to speak about.

The good news is there is an endless amount of topics you can choose to talk about when discussing workplace safety.

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In this article, I will discuss five different ideas for PowerPoint or Prezi-based safety presentations. All of the ideas are based on free information that is provided on this website.

The topics are just expanded on to turn them from an informal safety talk to more of a professional presentation. This is a safety talk that I wrote that I really think is good for audience engagement and works for many different audiences. Read the safety talk here and then continue reading the rest of this summary.

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In short, you use a dollar bill to reinforce the fact of how easy it is to miss the fine details of something we see almost every day. It engages the audience by asking them to provide you with details of a dollar bill. The audience almost always provides a minimal amount of details from memory. Even after you show them a dollar bill they will only state a few additional obvious details.

Name off very fine details that they are not looking at and then use this exercise to relate it back to the idea of how we see our work areas every single day. If they are missing dozens of details on a six inch dollar bill, what are they missing while at work?

The same can be said with the observations they write down on their JSAs. Use the exercise to show that there is many different observations and hazards that can be written down for any one task. After the exercise you can go into how the individual workers can improve their observations of the work area or their JSAs. You can also take real photos of work areas and discuss the hazards in the photos. Another idea is to ask for stories or experiences of commonly looked over hazards in the workplace.

There are many different ways to expand on this short exercise. This is probably my favorite idea to pass onto my guys in the field. In my field we are a project-based business meaning we only work with a small percentage of the whole company on our jobsite.

I feel that it is often overlooked that what we do at our site, good or bad, can have a great effect on the company as a whole. You can find an article about the large ripple here.

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Well what about everyone else in the company? Sounds counter intuitive or weird to even tell someone right? Let me explain. Reinforcing the idea that we not only count on one another to stay safe, but we also count on each other to work safe so the business can continue is an interesting angle to approach.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play.

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Free OSHA PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Click to allow Flash After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Title: Annual Refresher Training. Description: Annual Refresher Training Radiation Safety Training Requirements In order to work with radioactive material you must be properly trained on the safe use and the Tags: annual radioactivity refresher training.

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annual safety training powerpoint presentations

Title: Annual Refresher Training 1 Annual Refresher Training Radiation Safety 2 Training Requirements In order to work with radioactive material you must be properly trained on the safe use and the minimization of risk associated with each isotopes. To keep your radiation worker status, you must have radiation safety refresher training once a year 3 Radiation is energy traveling through space, its most familiar form is sunshine Cosmic Radiation high energy particles and photons from the sun and other celestial sources Terrestrial Radiation radioactive materials occurring naturally in the earths crust Internal Radiation from radioactive materials incorporated in the human body Inhaled Radiation primarily radon and its progeny 4 Properties of Radiation Radioactivity is the natural property of certain nuclides to spontaneously emit energy, in form of ionizing radiation, in an attempt to become more stable.

Ionizing radiation has the ability to remove electrons from atoms, creating ions. Ionization is the product of negatively charged free electrons and positively charged ionized atoms 5 Ionizing Radiation Particles Alpha 2 protons 2 neutrons Beta electrons emitted from nucleus Neutrons classified by energy Photons Gamma no mass, no charge, speed of light 6 Radiation Units Rad radiation absorption dose is a measure of energy imparted to the medium Roentgen R is a measure of energy imparted to air, and the rem or dose equivalent takes into account effects from different types of ionizing radiation.

Rem stands for Roentgen Equivalent Man, a unit of biological dose deposited in the body. The number of rems of radiation is equal to the number of rads absorbed multiplied by the relative biological effectiveness. One rem 10 seiverts Curie Ci is the unit to measure a radioactivity, often expressed in smaller units like thousandths mCi or one millionth uCi One curie Ci 3.

Distance The radiation dose rate varies with the inverse square of the distance of the source. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth while conducting experiments. Monitor your work area with survey meter, wash your hands, and check your hands and lab coat with a survey meter. Prevent inhalation by using fume hood when you are using any volatile sources of radioactivity.

Prevent ingestion by never eating, or drinking in the laboratory. Never store food in refrigerators or freezers or other areas designated for chemical or radioactive material storage. Always wear a laboratory coat, gloves, and closed-toe-shoes when working with unsealed radioactive materials Avoid spreading contamination. Do not touch telephones, light switches, faucet handles, or doorknobs with gloved hands. Look for contamination.


The pregnant worker can only be monitored if she declares her pregnancy in writing to the Radiation Safety Officer. Note meter background reading in a location away from radiation source. Try not to let probe touch surfaces being checked. Survey work area by slowly moving probe over surfaces, listen to audible clicks from survey meter speaker. You should wipe about 1 of the accessible surface area in hot area.

Monthly Safety Training Topics

In clean areas, take wipes of frequently used items or areas calculators, phones, door knobs, high traffic floors, etc. The results should be reviewed and data taped on the appropriate lab schematic, sign and date the form. Note Take gloves off before entering room. If the open-window count exceeds cpm above background, you should recount the wipe vial before making it public to the other users in the room.

If result is still above cpm, you must decontaminate the area and perform another wipe test. A meter reading two times background in any part of your lab area that has no nearby radioactive material storage or radioactive waste storage needs to be decontaminated.The Department of Labor does not endorse, takes no responsibility for, and exercises no control over the linked organization or its views, or contents, nor does it vouch for the accuracy or accessibility of the information contained on the destination server.

The Department of Labor also cannot authorize the use of copyrighted materials contained in linked Web sites. Users must request such authorization from the sponsor of the linked Web site. Thank you for visiting our site. Please click the button below to continue. OSHA Video. Highlights the four leading causes of fatalities on construction sites and stresses the responsibility for safety as a joint effort of government, management, and employees.

Discusses some of the hazards and risks involved in crane operations and identifies information managers should be familiar with if cranes are operating on their site. Includes links to a variety of training materials and additional resources.

Training presentation

Recordkeeping Recordkeeping Training Presentations. OSHA Recordkeeping. Includes link to several presentations of varying details of the standard.

Scaffolding Scaffolding. Lists the major points of the scaffolding standard. Office of Special Counsel.The presentations we provide were submitted by many Soldiers over the past few years.

annual safety training powerpoint presentations

The presentations cover a wide range of subjects and remain unaltered from their original form. You may need to remove unit specific material and should check the accuracy of the information before actively using any presentation. Sponsored Advertisement:. This website is not affiliated with the U. All proceeds from the operation of this site are donated to veteran and other charities. Army Presentations Choose from a category below to access available powerpoint presentations to use for training and briefings.

If you have a powerpoint presentation that you would like to add, please contact us. Sponsored advertisement:. Best Military Credit Cards. From Our Benefits Blog. Can You Answer Them? Army Study Guide Tweets. Colleges Near Army Bases. Benefit Programs. Disclaimer: This is a private website that is not affiliated with the U. Armed Forces or Department of Veteran Affairs. This site is not connected with any government agency.

If you would like to find more information about benefits offered by the U. Department of Veteran Affairs, please visit the official U.Designed for employee safety training - covers essential information for employee safety training.

Fully customizable for specific workplace environments. Use these Safety PowerPoints in conjunction with other safety training material in the safety library. The written plan must be kept at the workplace and made available to employees.

workplace safety powerpoint presentation

Employers with ten or fewer employees may communicate the plan orally. Employees operating working platforms must be trained in recognizing and preventing safety hazards, and knowing emergency action plans, work procedures and how to take care of personal fall arrest systems. Update information in the program to keep it consistent.

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A Operators of bulk delivery vehicles carrying blasting agents must be trained in safe operations of the vehicle and the material being delivered. B Operators of water gel bulk delivery and mixing vehicles must be trained in safe operations of the vehicle and its related equipment. C Periodic inspection of tagout used for energy control must include a review between the inspector and au-thor-ized employees.

Training instructors and fire brigade leaders must receive more comprehensive training. Employers must provide written procedures.

Safety procedures are as follows: i employees must not service rim wheels unless trained in the correct procedures; ii training must include the applicable data contained in charts and contents of this standards; and iii train employees in an understandable manner.

Procedure elements include: 1 deflating tires by removing valve core before demounting; 2 mounting and demounting done from narrow ledge side of wheel; 3 before rim wheel assembly, apply nonflammable rubber lubricant to bead and wheel mating surfaces; 4 if using a tire changing machine, inflate tire to minimum pressure necessary to force tire bead onto rim ledge; 5 if using bead expander, remove it before valve core is installed; 6 inflate tires only when contained within a restraining device, positioned behind a barrier or bolted on vehicle; 7 do not inflate tires when a flat, solid surface is within one foot of the sidewall; 8 employees must stay out of trajectory when inflating a tire; 9 do not inflate tires more than inflation pressure stamped in the sidewall; 10 do not inflate tires above manufacturer recommended maximum pressure; 11 do not apply heat; and 12 do not rework or weld any damaged wheels.

Instructions include: A manufacturer's test procedures for checking operations; B safety distance; C operation, function and performance of the PSDI mode; D requirements for hand tools; and E severe consequences resulting from by-passing any safeguards. Training must include: 1 recognizing and avoiding dangers; 2 emergency procedures; and 3 first aid and CPR training.

D Derrick operators must be trained. Training must include: i general safety precautions and preventative measures associated with the facility; and ii specific safety practices applicable to their job. Safety materials created by safety professionals. Access to the Safety Manager software. Wide variety of safety videos and courses. New To Safety? Please contact us first, if you would be interested in reselling or using our materials for reproduction. Inside the Members Library. Topic Index.

Training Videos.

annual safety training powerpoint presentations

Library Index. Training Materials. Safety Management Resources. Safety Manager Software.Ask A Question. Chat Now. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Presentations Page Content. You have successfully saved this page as a bookmark.

Free OSHA 10 Training PowerPoints

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